We are BIMMS

“Building together a better world”


Integration and Collaboration

We integrate the various projects bringing together all stakeholders around a single shared model that gathers the information of each subject partial models turning it simpler to make it to conciliate projects and reducing time, cost and resources needed to build a building.

Parametric and generative design

We perform objects and models parameterization construction interactive project libraries, forms and objects that can be rapidly adapted to each project, We also support the development of complex forms through generative design permiting the maximum creative liberty supported in geometry and mathematics.

Planning and Management

Work planning, task scheduling, site organization, human and materials resources management,… can be done much simply using BIM models, modeling and simulating interventions in time and space and allowing a accurate planning and a step by step control of the execution

Document management and APPs

In the ever more complex processes and increasingly complicated buildings there is a large effort and time applied in document management. The development of appropriate applications for ones needs, enables an optimization of the management process with higher control over the tasks, resources and project.


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